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image hermit crabThinking about getting a hermit crab or adding to your existing army of hermit crabs? Many search for hermit crabs info on these little creatures, and the longer you keep them, the cuter they become. Since most of us don’t know much about hermit crabs, getting a hermit crab as a pet can seem a little daunting and similar to bringing home some other creature like a pet tarantula or snake.

Don’t however compare a cute tiny hermit crab with these other more scary pets. There are just more topics to cover about hermit crabs and the joy they bring to many families. Hermit crabs are truly outstanding pets!

It is best to do your homework and research before you know what pet you’re adopting. Doing some research and acquiring info on hermit crabs is just as important in adopting a hermit crab (or two or three) as any other animal. This article will have a combination of easy to understand language about hermit crabs with a few more scientific terms, with basic concepts.

When your son or daughter goes bananas over a hermit crab at the pet store, he is actually looking at a land-based terrestrial hermit crab eating. Hermit crabs are members of the coenobitdae family if you want to get technical.

Hermit crabs are very distinct within the animal kingdom. His shell acts as a mobile home, distinguishing himself from other animals, and begins his life in the ocean. Hermit crabs can survive for months out of water, but they eventually migrate back to the ocean shore to take a swim, sustaining them for the time being.

What Does It Take To Own A Hermit Crab?

Thinking about taking a few hermit crabs home? Since hermit crabs are social beings and enjoy traveling in groups, it’s better to bring home two or three (or more) crabs. As far as supplies, hermit crabs require less items and foods to eat than you may think.

Hermit crabs are happy crabs, and as you start to get to know your new friend, you will understand. Hermit crabs are not called “hermits” because they are anti-social, they enjoy the company of other crabs. If you are considering bringing home a new hermit crab, the more crabs the better!

There are several hermit crab owners who have up to 12 hermit crabs or more, which represents a more accurate snapshot of their native habitat.

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